Friday, April 13, 2012

More potential legislation

As a continuation of the previous post, I wanted to include a brief summary and explanation of a Senate bill as well.


By Senator Allen
February 7, 2012

Synopsis: “This bill would establish the Abortion-Inducing Drug Safety Act. This bill would provide legislative findings and purposes. This bill would make it unlawful to administer any abortion-inducing drug to a woman without her receiving an exam by a physician. This bill would provide a physician with guidelines to follow in administering an abortion-inducing drug. This bill provides for criminal and civil penalties. Amendment 621 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, now appearing as Section 111.05 of the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, prohibits a general law whose purpose or effect would be to require a new or increased expenditure of local funds from becoming effective with regard to a local governmental entity without enactment by a 2/3 vote unless: it comes within one of a number of specified exceptions; it is approved by the affected entity; or the Legislature appropriates funds, or provides a local source of revenue, to the entity for the purpose. The purpose or effect of this bill would be to require a new or increased expenditure of local funds within the meaning of the amendment. However, the bill does not require approval of a local governmental entity or enactment by a 2/3 vote to become effective because it comes within one of the specified exceptions contained in the amendment.”

As a drug safety act, this bill is intended to protect women and make it unlawful “to administer any abortion-inducing drug to a woman without her receiving an exam by a physician.” 

Many women do not realize the potential physical health consequences that may result from specific drugs or the off-brand of certain drugs. It is crucial to understand the risks in order to protect the safety and lives of women. This bill is able to emphasize those risks. The ramifications of this bill could reduce the amount of abortions that occur outside of a licensed, medical facility.

This act may be known and cited as the Abortion-Inducing Drug Safety Act.” (section 1).

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug mifepristone, a first-generation (selective) progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM), as an abortion-inducing drug with a specific gestation, dosage, and administration protocol.” (section 2:1).

The bill continues to explain the treatment and FDA approved drug label for this particular drug in order to put stipulations on the administration of the drug. It limits the dosage to being administered only in a clinic, medical office, or hospital under the supervision of a physician.

A couple aspects of the bill that should not be overlooked:
“Court testimony by Planned Parenthood and other physicians demonstrates that physicians routinely fail to follow the mifepristone protocol as tested and approved by the FDA.” (section 2:4).


“The use of mifepristone presents significant medical risks to women.

Abortion-inducing drugs are associated with an increased risk of complications relative to surgical abortion. The risk of complications increases with increasing gestational age, and, in the instance of mifepristone, with failure to complete the two-step dosage process.

Off-label use of mifepristone can be deadly.” (section 2:5-7).

This bill is not limited to mifepristone, and is meant to protect women from dangerous and potentially deadly off-label use of abortion-inducing drugs.

A definition of the terms used in the bill is necessary for this kind of bill, and is also useful to read. For example, one important definition is that of the “unborn child: as the offspring of human beings from conception until birth.” (section 3:9).

Section 5 of the bill clearly lays out what the bill is intended for: “It shall be unlawful to provide a medical abortion to a woman without her being examined in person by a physician and as further required by this act.” (section 5:a).

“A person who intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly violates any provision of this act is guilty of a Class C felony.” (section 7:a).

Although Class C felonies differ depending on what part of the country you are in, in Alabama a Class C felony might include: Criminally negligent homicide, Custody Interference, Criminal Tampering- 1st degree, Receiving stolen merchandise- 2nd degree. According to, in a Class C felony, the convicted can be fined within a range of $1000 up to $10,000. Not only that, but according the Code of Alabama title 13A: criminal code 13A-5-6, the convicted is also subject to no less than one year and no more than ten years incarceration.

But what is also important to note about this bill is that it goes so far as to make this provision:

Nothing in this act shall be construed as creating or recognizing a right to abortion. It is not the intention of this act to make lawful an abortion that is currently unlawful.” (section 9:a-b).

Although it is a long read, and these points do not cover the whole of the bill, I hope you are left with at least a better understanding of the bill and its ramifications. Maybe this has sparked your curiosity and I would encourage you to read and analyze these bills for yourself and determine what you support and how you might go about supporting it.

In case you are curious, other Pro-life senate bills include: SB10, SB12, SB20, SB96, and SB105. Look them up at ALISON!

Cassie, Sav-A-Life Intern

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recent Legislation

          Due to current social and political discussions revolving around laws about contraceptives and abortion, the significance of newer pro-life and related legislation has become more relevant. Certain words such as insurance, healthcare, contraceptives, and abortion act as trigger words—words that stimulate a heavy debate or trigger an argumentative discussion on the subject of pro-life versus pro-choice. This moral issue has become a political one. Many Representatives and Senators today are taking a stand by promoting specific legislature that endeavors to uphold constitutional principles and the sanctity of human life.
Recent House and Senate bills are suggesting small but significant changes in current legislature. Some of these bills are making simple exceptions to new healthcare laws, some require women to have an exam by a physician before taking any abortion-inducing drugs, while all are seeking to prevent taxpayer dollars from going to something many taxpayers do not morally support.           
In an effort to clarify and explain some of these new bills, I am summarizing two in order to help keep the public informed. An explanation of the bills and their purpose will help us to understand their significance in today’s debates.
            I want to first address one of the house bills and its connotations.

By Representative Henry
February 7, 2012

Synopsis of Bill: Currently, the new federal health care reform law requires individual states to operate and maintain "health insurance exchanges." Health insurance plans offering abortion coverage are allowed to participate in a state's exchange and to receive federal subsidies unless the Legislature affirmatively opts out of offering these plans. This bill would specifically provide that the State of Alabama affirmatively opts out of allowing abortion coverage by exchange participating health plans. This bill would prohibit health insurance coverage of elective abortions unless the insured has paid additional monies for a separate rider.

This bill makes two important points:
“Federal funding of insurance plans that provide abortions is an unprecedented change in federal abortion funding policy. The Hyde Amendment, as passed each year in the Labor Health and Human Services Appropriations bill, and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, FEHBP, prohibit federal funds from subsidizing health insurance plans that provide abortions. Under this new law, however, exchange participating health insurance plans that provide abortions can receive federal funds. (section 1:2).

"The provision of federal funding for health insurance plans that provide abortion coverage is nothing short of taxpayer funded and government endorsed abortion.” (section 1:3).

An important provision in this bill is that: “The decision not to fund abortions places no governmental obstacle in the path of a woman who chooses to terminate her pregnancy.” (section 1:5).

While this provision may seem like a compromise, it may be necessary to take small steps in order to make big changes with regard to current laws.

Furthermore, “Citizens of the State of Alabama, like other Americans, oppose the use of public funds, both federal and state, to pay for abortions. For example, a January 2010 Quinnipiac poll showed that 7 in 10 Americans were opposed to provisions in federal health care reform that use federal funds to pay for abortions and abortion coverage.” (section 1:7).

“No health insurance contract, plan, or policy delivered or issued for delivery in Alabama shall provide coverage for abortions except when the life of the mother is endangered by a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself. Insurance providers may offer abortion coverage through optional rider for which there must be paid an additional premium.” (section 3:a)

This is one bill among many others challenging the status quo in terms of abortion laws. If you are interested in learning more about this bill and others, you can visit this site to find out more about your legislature:

If you want to look up specific bills and read through them, go to ALISON (Alabama Legislative Information System Online):
A few other important House Bills are: HB223, HB493, and HB375. You can search for these at ALISON.

If you agree with or support one or more of these bills contact your legislator and/or representative and let them know! It is important for them to realize how many of their constituents agree with certain bills in order for them to represent you well. It is crucial for us to educate ourselves and to know what we support to really make a difference and stand up for what we believe in.

Cassie - Sav-A-Life Intern

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Banquet

With our annual Fundraising Banquet coming up on April 19th, things are very busy at Sav-A-Life. We are bathing the entire event—and all preparations for it—in prayer. Our prayer coordinator, GiniBeth, is organizing 40 Days of Prayer in the days leading up to the Banquet. This will begin March 11th and we will be posting each day’s request on Facebook for those who wish to partner with us in prayer over the work God will be doing.
Rebecca St. James will be the featured speaker of the evening. She is a talented singer/songwriter who has graced the contemporary Christian music scene. We are very much looking forward to hearing about her passion for purity and the sanctity of human life through musical expression.

“At the age of 12—a time when most young girls are just beginning idyllic dreams of ‘what I want to be’—a young Australian girl prayed a simple prayer. ‘God, I give you my gifts. Use my life to make a difference and change the world.’
Rebecca St. James has since taken an unparalleled course in Christian music.  As the industry’s innovative ‘new voice’ as a teen in the mid-90’s, she blazed a trail in the contemporary Christian genre for many other talented female artists to come.” 

“Australian born Rebecca St. James is both a Grammy Award winner and multiple Dove Award recipient, who can count her lead acting role in the film Sarah’s Choice, among her most recent career highlights. With international success that has driven her record sales into the multi-millions globally, she has been tireless on the concert/ live performance front since breaking as a major artist in the Christian music industry while still in her teens. Rebecca was in 2008 for the 7th consecutive year named "Favorite Female Artist" in Contemporary Christian Music by readers of CCM Magazine for the 7th year in a row.”

“A gifted songwriter, St. James’ signature blend of modern pop/rock sensibilities and lyrics of unwavering devotion have blazed the way to seventeen Top 10 singles--nine of which have reached the #1 spot on the charts to date(Jackie Monaghan). In addition to being a best selling author, advocate for Compassion International, and acting in several national film productions as well as Sarah’s choice, Rebecca has become a national media voice for ‘life,’ displaying her multi-faceted career. She held a lead role in the very recently released film “The Frontier Boys,” and her newest album, I Will Praise You is now available in stores and online and may be previewed on her website:

With versatile talent Rebecca St. James has been able to reach different kinds of audiences across the world. As a professing believer and supporter of pro-life ministries she is able to share the gospel with those around her by the way she lives her life and her unabashed confession of faith in a world that rejects the value God places on life.

Rebecca is passionate about youth-related ministries, especially those focused on young women’s purity. She shares some about the issue in this video:

After advocating for abstinence and purity before marriage, and as a now recently married woman, Rebecca is able to describe the ways in which the Lord blesses your marriage when you are faithful to wait. Watch this video:

Rebecca St. James’ message coupled with the love and care that go into each step of planning for the event will make for an inventive, beautiful evening in which we will have the opportunity to see God’s grace in action.

Please join us for our Fundraising Banquet!

Sav-A-Life, Vestavia invites you to a Fundraising Banquet
"Life...a Beautiful Choice"
Thursday, April 19 2012
With speaker and performer Rebecca St. James
Cahaba Grand Conference Center, Dinner & Program 7:00-9:00 PM
Dinner is complimentary (an opportunity to make a financial gift will be extended)
Seating is limited. Please let us know if you would like to attend. 205-979-0302

Seating is limited, therefore reservations made in advance are necessary.
Please RSVP by March 30th

Cassie, Sav-A-Life Intern

Monday, February 27, 2012

Banquet for Life

Did you know that in 2011 we know of at least 97 babies that were saved from abortion
Or that we had more than 5,500 visits through Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Test Center – including clients who came for pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD testing, parenting classes, fatherhood programs, childbirth classes, and more? And, did you know that the gospel was presented more than 1,100 times to those clients? 
These things are accomplished through the generous support of our faithful donors.  The majority of our donors support us as a result of our annual Banquet for Life!
On April 19, 2012, Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Test Center will be holding its annual fundraising dinner. Our annual banquet provides an opportunity to expose new people to the Pregnancy Test Center and ultimately the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through hosting a complimentary dinner with a speaker and a message, Sav-A-Life intends to raise a greater awareness for the organization and the mission as well as raise support for the coming year through prayer, financial means, and volunteer services.
Last year’s guest speaker was abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, who challenged the audience to stand up boldly for the sanctity of human life. Through God’s provision and the support of those in attendance, Sav-A-Life raised over half the year’s budget expenses and was able to share the goals and vision for the ministry with almost 500 individuals.
Just a few memories….
Last Year's Theme

Featured Speaker Gianna Jessen

The Beautiful Dinner

Emcee-Stephen Hauck Morning TV anchor

Track 7: The Evening's Musical Entertainment

This year our featured speaker will be singer/performer Rebecca St. James. The theme is “Life—A beautiful choice.” We look forward to watching the Lord work in the hearts and minds of all involved in the night’s events and all those who will be directly or indirectly influenced by the ministry as a result. 

If you are interested in attending this year’s banquet or perhaps hosting a table for the event and inviting guests, please call (205) 979-0302.
More info on the guest speaker and the night’s events soon!
 Cassie, Sav-A-Life Intern

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrating Life

The Gift of Birth Baby Shower provides a way for people to minister to our clients. The showers can be a wonderful ministry opportunity for small groups or church groups and most are held in a church setting. Each expecting mother brings one support person and receives gift packages including many items for when they bring their baby home. Usually between 20 and 30 people attend including the mothers and their support persons, the hosts, the childbirth educator, and the fatherhood coordinator. The most recent baby shower turned out very well and was a lot of fun for those in attendance. Since I was unable to attend, it was exciting to watch the shower unfold through videos and photos as the expecting parents got involved in games and enjoyed fellowship together.
This Baby Shower was held at the Caroline House at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, large enough to accommodate all mothers involved. There were treats and gifts, fun games and a time of prayer and blessing.

The decor was lovely and the food delicious. 

 The expecting mothers played memory games and received prizes.

The Hostesses truly displayed the love of Christ through their ministry and the way they loved on the mothers. Watch a hostess share her reason for serving in this particular area.

Russell shared about the Fatherhood ministry, and about how we want to emphasize the importance of a father in a child’s life. He was also able to share the gospel with those who attended the shower. We are so blessed to have him as our fatherhood coordinator! (Watch the YouTube video here to hear Russell's fatherhood presentation).

What a joy these women were!
One woman expresses her thanks for the shower:

 A time of prayer and a blessing over the children followed. Russell and Vicki both prayed with the mothers and their support: To hear Russel's prayer, watch here.

If the Gift of Birth Baby Shower seems like a serving opportunity you don’t want to pass up, let us know! If you’re interested please contact Vicki Angel at (205) 979-1703 or email her at

~Cassie, Sav-A-Life Intern 

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Service

This afternoon at 1pm Sav-A-Life held a memorial service for the recorded 53 million abortions since the Roe vs. Wade court decision to legalize abortion in the United States. It was a time to remember the lives lost due to abortions and the lives that were forever impacted and changed as a result. Prayer, scripture reading, and a dedication and blessing of those precious babies to the Lord were included.

We sat together in humble silence, song, and confession, as we worshiped the Lord, mourned the loss of these children, and praised the Father for his sovereign mercy.

Prayer of Confession:
"Let us confess our sins unto Almighty God. 
Almighty and most merciful Father, we have erred and strayed from Thy ways like lost sheep, 
we have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts, 
we have offended against Thy holy laws, 
we have left undone the things which we ought to have done, 
and we have done those things which we ought not to have done...
Thy promises declared unto mankind in Christ Jesus our Lord; 
and grant, O merciful Father, for His sake, that we may hereafter 
live a Godly, righteous and sober life, to the glory of Thy holy Name.
As we prayed this prayer, I was particularly convicted of leaving "undone the things which we ought to have done, and doing those things which we ought not to have done." What a gracious Father we have to forgive us of our unfaithfulness. We praise Him for the lives he brings into this world and those he takes home to be with him. Everything according to His perfect will.

One moment that struck my heart and will continue to remain with me was the ringing of the bells. We sat in silence as the bells were rung 53 times for the 53 million lives lost. We mourn, but we also rejoice that these unknown lives are with Jesus today.
 Following the ringing of the bells, the floor was opened to light a candle in memory of each specific life lost. It was a time of silent reflection and prayer.

As we closed with a prayer and a blessing, we remembered the healing that Christ brings to all our hearts, and the way in which His glory may be seen through every circumstance.

"I bring all my energies to bear on this one thing: 
forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead." 
Philippians 3:13
We will continue to pray for those who are hoping for healing in the times ahead. It is only through our Father we may find full forgiveness and healing.

Sav-A-Life Vestavia Intern

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was fifteen when my life was first truly interrupted by the knowledge that unborn children were dying every day with no voice to defend them. I saw images from failed abortions that will forever be engraved in my mind. I was impacted, but unsure of how I could really influence or change the status quo. I was passionate about preserving the sanctity of human life, and standing for what I believed in, but how was I to go about making a stance as a teen? I researched the issue and the arguments made for pro-choice and pro-life stances. I wrote a paper discussing the issue. This was not enough, but as it often does, life became crazy and I got caught up in other things. School, travel, mission trips, and sports consumed my everyday life. My desire to do something about our nation’s current situation and make a difference in the lives of women faced with this decision was pushed to the back of my mind. I never meant to disregard what God had instilled in my heart as an important mission, but for years I did just that. My immediate worries and concerns over the direction my life was going seemed to be priority at the time. I knew what I believed, but not knowing how to act on this particular belief, I stalled.
Even so, as I reflect on how I came to this place in my life, I recognize God’s goodness, His mercy, and His guidance. I may make plans and not follow through, but everything happens in His timing, and He motivated me to action in a way I would not have expected.
Here I was, my senior year of college, praying for direction in finding an internship in order to finish my degree in Communication Studies at the University of Montevallo. I had heard about Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Test Center before and knew vaguely about their ministry to women who had had abortions or who were seeking counseling for making decisions regarding their pregnancy. However, it wasn’t until I sought out organizations, magazines, or any other venue that would serve as a place of learning for my degree, that I realized here was an opportunity to make a small difference.
In His grace and sufficiency, the Lord provided me an opportunity to serve Him and others while filling requirements for my education at the same time. Although I did not immediately act on what God laid on my heart, I do believe the Lord was presenting an opportunity for me to serve now, so I took it.
As an intern at Sav-A-Life, I may work on communication skills in public relations, marketing, counseling, and writing. Creative projects coupled with an eclectic mix of communication related outlets sum up my job description. Here I am able to practice my creative interests in communication, art, and writing—all of it for a specific purpose: to glorify the Lord. Motivated by an issue God laid on my heart years ago, I can now serve in a way I never expected. But isn’t that how God always works?
Cassie, Sav-A-Life Intern