Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was fifteen when my life was first truly interrupted by the knowledge that unborn children were dying every day with no voice to defend them. I saw images from failed abortions that will forever be engraved in my mind. I was impacted, but unsure of how I could really influence or change the status quo. I was passionate about preserving the sanctity of human life, and standing for what I believed in, but how was I to go about making a stance as a teen? I researched the issue and the arguments made for pro-choice and pro-life stances. I wrote a paper discussing the issue. This was not enough, but as it often does, life became crazy and I got caught up in other things. School, travel, mission trips, and sports consumed my everyday life. My desire to do something about our nation’s current situation and make a difference in the lives of women faced with this decision was pushed to the back of my mind. I never meant to disregard what God had instilled in my heart as an important mission, but for years I did just that. My immediate worries and concerns over the direction my life was going seemed to be priority at the time. I knew what I believed, but not knowing how to act on this particular belief, I stalled.
Even so, as I reflect on how I came to this place in my life, I recognize God’s goodness, His mercy, and His guidance. I may make plans and not follow through, but everything happens in His timing, and He motivated me to action in a way I would not have expected.
Here I was, my senior year of college, praying for direction in finding an internship in order to finish my degree in Communication Studies at the University of Montevallo. I had heard about Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Test Center before and knew vaguely about their ministry to women who had had abortions or who were seeking counseling for making decisions regarding their pregnancy. However, it wasn’t until I sought out organizations, magazines, or any other venue that would serve as a place of learning for my degree, that I realized here was an opportunity to make a small difference.
In His grace and sufficiency, the Lord provided me an opportunity to serve Him and others while filling requirements for my education at the same time. Although I did not immediately act on what God laid on my heart, I do believe the Lord was presenting an opportunity for me to serve now, so I took it.
As an intern at Sav-A-Life, I may work on communication skills in public relations, marketing, counseling, and writing. Creative projects coupled with an eclectic mix of communication related outlets sum up my job description. Here I am able to practice my creative interests in communication, art, and writing—all of it for a specific purpose: to glorify the Lord. Motivated by an issue God laid on my heart years ago, I can now serve in a way I never expected. But isn’t that how God always works?
Cassie, Sav-A-Life Intern

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